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Mons. Lwiġi Vella

Monsignor Lwiġi Vella was born in Victoria, Gozo, Malta, on December 17, 1859. He wrote pages of amazing liveliness, unction and depth that shine as a singular and unique light adding a hue of glory to the Catholic Church. Three popes honored him: Leo XIII with the “Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice” medal, in gold and precious stones; Saint Pius X with a proposal (declined for humility) to serve as coadjutor bishop to the Bishop of Malta; Pius XI with the «Benemerenti» Silver Cross. Upon his death on July 17, 1928, he saw Jesus Christ himself along with Saint Peter Julian Eymard. His tomb opened in 1932, he was found incorrupt. More than three hundred graces obtained through his intercession were registered.
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Patricio Shaw

I was born in cosmopolitan and lively Buenos Aires in 1961 and I am glad to have discovered wonderful writings by an author as holy as Monsignor Lwiġi Vella was.

My paternal family is predominantly Anglo-Saxon and Germanic in origin, and my mother is largely descended from Spanish families, many of them rooted since before Argentina’s independence…
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