About Patricio Shaw

I was born in cosmopolitan and lively Buenos Aires in 1961 and I am glad to have discovered wonderful writings by an author as holy as Monsignor Lwiġi Vella was.

My paternal family is predominantly Anglo-Saxon and Germanic in origin, and my mother is largely descended from Spanish families, many of them rooted since before Argentina’s independence.

Since I was 14 years old I have had a passion for the Catholic Religion, as I have received it from my ancestors and as it is reflected in historical wonders. I have been very attracted to learning foreign languages, and I am fluent, to a greater or lesser extent, in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Latin, German, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, and Maltese.

I have rudiments of Arabic, Russian, Ancient and Modern Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, and Tagalog. I studied Philosophy, Greek, Latin and History of the Mediterranean Civilization at the University of Malta. I find great value and benefit in the Aristotelian-Thomist philosophy that starts from the first principles of being, deduced from the observation of the universe.

I am excited by traditional Catholic theology and, within it, anti-modernism, the essence of apostolic authority, the Blessed Sacrament, the Catholic Constitution of the States, Mariology, the Montfortian method of Marian slavery, prayer and especially the Rosary, the Second Advent of Christ, the interrelation between Grace and Free Will.

I have translated from Latin the censorship of Cartesian philosophy by Bishop Daniel Huet, and the thesis of Cardinal Álvaro Cienfuegos on the real and substantial persistence of the Soul of Christ in the good communicant. I have a sincere appreciation for the plastic, musical and literary arts, and I believe in objective and universal parameters of beauty.

I am acutely intrigued by linguistics, stylistics, translation and, within this, Igor Melchuk’s little-known but superbly sagacious school. I live in Aragón, Spain, where I lead a life of seclusion, prayer, study and writing.